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Write, Hike, & Meditate!

Join me for a new experience connecting our passion for writing with the great outdoors in Arizona.

Carol Teal

Writer, Facilitator & Songwriter

Hi I’m Carol
I’m a writer, a writing facilitator and an award-winning songwriter.
I help other writers discover and expand their own authentic voices and build their creative writing skills with workshops based in the Amherst Writers and Artists method.
What I love most about my work is the joy of writing in community,  the friendships forged and connections created.  Your writing skills will grow as the other writers and I share supportive feedback on what was strong and working in your writing.

I love hearing the unique voice of each writer and witnessing the compelling stories that emerge through courage and craft in these workshops.

Expand your writing skills in an inspiring community of writers. 
You know when you’ve found a place where you belong. 
Join us!


I love creative writing. It’s been a passion for me for most of my life starting with poetry and songwriting but I didn’t always identify as a writer…     ABOUT CAROL…

“Carol is a skilled and compassionate workshop leader. She brings the creativity from her many genres as an artist to her leading of workshops with joy and humility, and to her own, skilled, well-crafted writing. Write with Carol and be inspired! “

Sue Reynolds

Inkslingers & Go For Words