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Hello! I’m Carol

Writing has played an important role in my life – maybe from that first diary in elementary school – remember the ones with the little strap lock and key? In high school I started writing poetry and songs and found it a wonderful way to spill out all my questions and explore the wonder of the world. After university that lyrical voice was largely silenced as I got busy with a marriage, raising a family and work as a self-employed artist.

Thirteen years later the marriage ended. With the support of some wonderful women mentors I returned to grad school and completed a masters degree in Speech Pathology. Life was all about communication; helping children and adults express themselves in spite of developmental challenges and debilitating brain injuries. It was a very rewarding career that I enjoyed for 20 years.


Teal & Joyce

Writing, music and performing played a larger role in my life again as I became involved the folk music community and dabbled in community theatre. I met another songwriting musician whose voice seemed to compliment mine. We became life partners and musical partners in the duo “Teal & Joyce” and produced three CD’s of original songs.

ArtsCan Circle

My work moved back into arts facilitation as I became the Executive Director of Arts Can Circle, an arts charity that conducted workshops in writing, music, drama and visual arts for indigenous children and youth in remote communities in the far north of Ontario and Labrador. That was a thrilling time of travel and learning about indigenous cultures. As visiting artists in the communities we always felt we learned more than we taught.

My work with ArtsCan Circle provided wonderful friends and rich experiences in those Northern communities but I arrived at an all time low point – feeling like a failure because I couldn’t solve other people’s difficulties and life challenges by helping them make art. I was a failed “fixer” – I knew it didn’t make sense but I couldn’t help feeling that way.

Then 2014 I took a ten-day Vipassana meditation course that was life altering for me. The Buddhist teachings helped me realize that I could only walk my own path and wasn’t responsible for the paths of others.

Writing practice

I had kept a practice of journaling for many years and when friends invited me to write in an Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) writers’ group I learned about the fun and power of writing with others in supportive community. We used writing prompts for inspiration and shared our writing results. It was an amazing and delightful process and let me see a bit more of the depth of each writer and hear their unique writing voices. I was instantly hooked and continued to write weekly with the group whenever possible.

I’ve discovered the healing power of telling our stories on the page and letting our imaginations roam. I’ve bonded with writing communities and felt the power and affirmation of belonging to a writing tribe and the joy it brought me.

InkLinks - Building Writing Skills & Community

When you really love something you want to share it with others. I felt called to contribute to the powerful life-affirming work of AWA. In 2017 I enrolled in the AWA training and became a certified AWA Facilitator. I’ve been offering AWA writing workshops to other writers ever since and I continue to grow and build my own writing skills in the process. I hosted workshops in person until COVID interrupted retreats and gatherings.

Zooming Writers

Fortunately we’ve been able to continue meeting on line through the magic of Zoom. I’m honored to work in this powerful method and I hope you’ll join me on this writing journey to discover what you want to say and bring your stories to life on the page. Check out my latest workshops here and I’ll meet you at the page!  http://inklinks.ca/workshops

Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

I found a good use for the time of hibernation due to the Covid pandemic. Another writing friend introduced me to the online Graduate program at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. I loved the program and the two years of isolation passed much more quickly by being absorbed by their writing program. I’m proud to say I graduated with my MFA in Creative Writing in Dec. 2022!

Amherst Writers & Artists

AWA is an international community of writing workshop leaders committed to the belief that a writer is someone who writes & every writer has a unique voice.

AWA workshops follow a proven method that affirms writers by building confidence, creating an atmosphere of equal exploration and protecting confidentiality.

Courting the Muse has been the most valuable exercise in writing because of Carol Teal’s facilitation skills. Her use of the Amherst Writers & Artists method has been perfectly tailored to our merry band of writers, which is a testament to Carol’s keen ability to read the group. This process has helped me expand my writing in a fun and non-threatening way. I have enjoyed meeting the other members of the group, and I look forward to our weekly meeting. Carol’s ability to create a comfortable space for sharing the intimate creative writing process is unparalleled.

Claire S.