We’ve arrived at December~
What’s meaningful for you this month?

     That wonderful month that means extra joy and/or extra angst depending on how you feel about it and what’s meaningful for you.  For some people it’s packed with excitement and the joy of connecting with family and friends.  For others it can amplify feelings of loss or disconnection.  And THIS year, this COVID year, we are all likely feeling more losses and separation than usual.  Trying to celebrate and share time with people we care about while staying safe and stemming the tide of the virus.  It’s a big challenge.

So in this time of disconnection – what becomes meaningful for us?  Emily Esfahani Smith in The Power of Meaning considers 4 pillars of meaning for our lives.

1st Pillar- Belonging
This is what Smith lists as the first pillar of meaning – having a sense of belonging.  This could include belonging to your birth family or perhaps your “chosen” family.  It may be connected to a place you live or a circle of friends where you feel a sense of belonging. It could be a spiritual community or a group that holds a shared interest in music or arts or another interest you have in common.

Finding Your Tribe
People who enjoy the same activities that you do can create a wonderful sense of community and belonging.  One thing that has helped me immensely during this time of increased isolation is being connected with people in online writing groups.  We share a love of words, we can risk putting ourselves out there in the safe and confidential space of an small group of writers.  Sharing our thoughts and feelings or the thoughts, feelings and actions of our “characters” as stories come to life on the page deepens our connection.  Watching our lives or our characters’ lives scrolling out across the page and having those words find an appreciative audience is such a joy!

FREE ONLINE writing session Thursday!
You are welcome to join this writing community.  I’m hosting a FREE ONLINE writing session on Dec. 10 from 8:00 – 10:00 pm EST and inviting you to join us.  We’ll write to prompts I provide, share our fresh writing if we want to and get feedback on what’s strong and memorable.  It’s really fun and I find it makes me want to write more!  We all have a unique voice – come and share yours!
Click here to register for the free session.

I look forward to writing with you!
Send me a note at carol.tealart@gmail.com about what’s meaningful for you at this time.
I’d love to hear from you.

My Muse’s News!

I’m excited to tell you I’ve been accepted to the Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing Program at Lindenwood University starting in January.  I’ll be able to take all my courses online and look forward to a deep dive into fiction, nonfiction and poetry and sharing what I’m learning with you!


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